Vauxhall Astra Light Advert Music – Drinks Less Fuel

Vauxhall has created a parody of a famous Coca-Cola commercial for their new 2019 to 2020 Astra Light TV advert, which tells us the car “Drinks Less Fuel”.

The 30-second video shows a group of mostly female office workers congregating at a window. But rather than ogling some half-dressed sweaty guy, here they’re instead observing an Astra Light. The ladies and one guy watch on as the red Vauxhall is driven around a wet car park and splashes through a puddle, before stopping in front of a billboard.

Song Title: I Just Want to Make Love to You.
Singer: Etta James.
Download From: Amazon UK.

This latest Vauxhall Astra Light advert music is the track ‘I Just Want to Make Love to You’ and it’s performed by the American singer Etta James.

This version of the song was recorded in 1961, but was released here in the UK in 1996 following the tunes use in a now-classic Coke TV ad. The single made it to number 5 on the charts.

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