Universal Orlando Resort Advert Song – ‘Vacation Like You Mean It’ Commercial

Universal Orlando Advert Music – Song and band details for the holiday resorts ‘Vacation Like You Mean It’ TV and YouTube ad campaign.

Song Title: Come With Me Now.

Artist/Band: Kongos.

Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

You may recognise the music featured in this commercial for Universal Orlando Resort, or vice versa, as the same track used in the current Clash of Kings advert.

The song is called ‘Come With Me Now’ and is performed by a band from South Africa known as Kongos.

As we mentioned when covering the Clash of Kings ad, Come With Me Now was first released as a single in 2011, with the track then being re-released to greater success in 2014.

Although the above video was posted to Universal Orlando Resort’s YouTube channel way back in February, 2015, the commercial has probably been broadcast in many different countries since then and is currently airing during UK TV ad breaks.

Targeted at those who do more than just vacation, this Floridian theme park is apparently made for those who ‘Vacation like they mean it’.

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