Uber Advert – Work or Not ‘Warehouse Forklift Truck Driver’

Uber Advert – Watch the latest ‘Take the afternoon off – Work or Not’ Warehouse vs Uber TV ad campaign.

Following on from the companies recent ‘Effortless Night’ TV advert, transportation company Uber have now released this new ‘Warehouse vs Uber’ ad.

Whereas the previous commercial focused on the customers experience, this one instead promotes some of the benefits of becoming an Uber driver.

Showing a forklift truck driver having enough of work and making a failed attempt to break free, the voice-over points out that there aren’t many jobs where you can take the afternoon off and how, with Uber, you can work or not at the touch of a button.

It gets better though. Just think, when Uber eventually role out their driverless cars, you’ll be able to take every afternoon off, and every morning and night.

The music playing in this advert sounds like an 80’s rock power ballad, but we’ve so far been unable to identify the name of the song. We’ll update this page with any further details if and when we get them.

The company have also just brought out this ‘Supermarket vs Uber – Where To?’ video, which follows the same stuck in work theme.

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