TUI – ‘Ain’t Nobody’ Discover Your Smile

TUI Advert Music 2017 – Full length video and song info for holiday and travel company TUI’s new ‘Discover Your Smile’ TV ad campaign.

Song Title: Ain’t Nobody (cover).

Original Band and Singer: Rufus and Chaka Khan.

Download The Original Version From: iTunes and Amazon.

“We cross the T’s, dot the I’s, and put U in the middle”, that’s TUI’s way of getting us to remember their new name after recently switching from Thomson.

This advert shows a female holidaymaker asking the flight attendant if they can get her to their destination any sooner, and a theatrical song and dance routine ensues.

The music featured in this commercial is a cover of the song ‘Ain’t Nobody’, which was released back in 1983 by American funk band Rufus and the multiple Grammy Award-winning singer Chaka Khan.

We’ve so far been unable to discover the name of the vocalist performing this particular cover version or who the actress in the advert is, but we’ll update this page with the relevant details if and when we get them.

Above is the full length, extended 90-second edit of TUI’s ‘Discover Your Smile’ TV advert, which was posted to the companies official UK YouTube channel on the 19th of October, 2017.

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