Trivago Advert Song – ‘This Is What Love Looks Like’ Commercial

Trivago Commercial Song 2016 – Soundtrack and singer details for the hotel price comparison sites new ‘This Is What Love Looks Like’ YouTube and TV advert.

Song Title: White Blood.

Singers/Band: Oh Wonder.

Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Trivago’s new TV ad shows two ladies enjoying a 4 star hotel break together, making the most of the pool and bar, while having of course booked it all online for the best price.

This fresh advert comes as a change to the companies regular commercials we’ve been seeing recently, where the Australian actress and popular trivago girl Gabrielle Miller guides viewers through the functionality of the site and how it can save you money on hotel rooms.

In contrast, this new ad focuses less on the details of how trivago actually works, and more on the end result of enjoying quality time with the ones you love.

The soft and gentle song you hear playing in this advert is called ‘White Blood’, a track released in September, 2015 by the London-based indie pop duo Oh Wonder.

The above 30-second ‘This Is What Love Looks Like’ video was uploaded to the official trivago YouTube channel on the 22nd of September, 2016 and has already been viewed there nearly 200,000 times.

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