TK Maxx Christmas Ad – Surprising Sing-Song

TK Maxx Christmas Advert – Soundtrack info for the clothing, homeware and gift retailers ‘The Sing-Song’ internet and TV ad.

Nothing says Christmas quite like a song featured on the soundtrack to Pulp Fiction. Who knew?

Song Title: Misirlou.
Original Artist/Musician: Dick Dale.
Download The Original Version From: iTunes and Amazon.

Proving you don’t need an insane budget to create a memorable festive TV ad, TK Maxx has left John Lewis and co to do their usual thing, while they take Christmas advertising in a more comical and less sentimental direction.

The advert starts off with a family huddled around the piano, seemingly about to perform a predictable rendition of Jingle Bells. However, after a few seconds the mood changes and the group break out into a vocal version of the song ‘Misirlou’.

Although the track originates from the Eastern Mediterranean region in the early 20th century, the song as we know it best today was recorded in 1962 by the American rock guitarist Dick Dale. Misirlou then received huge exposure in 1994 when it featured in Quentin Tarantino’s black comedy crime film Pulp Fiction.

Featuring the taglines ‘Christmas is best when it’s more surprising’ and ‘Surprising gifts at surprising prices’. this entertaining ‘Sing-Song’ advert was added to TK Maxx’s YouTube page on the 3rd of November, 2016.

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