Titanfall 2 Trailer Song – ‘Bang Bang’ 2 Become One Launch Commercial

Titanfall 2 Commercial Song – Music, singer and lyrics details for the console and PC games official ‘2 Become One’ launch trailer and TV advert.

Song Title: Bang Bang (My Titan Shot Him Down).

Artist/Singer: Grace.

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This just released trailer for Titanfall 2 features a reworded cover of the song ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’, this time being called ‘Bang Bang (My Titan Shot Him Down)’. Genius.

Whereas the original song was written by Sonny Bono and performed by such artists as Cher and Nancy Sinatra, the lady providing the vocals in this new version is Australian singer Grace. Unfortunately, this cover doesn’t appear to have been released for download at this time

In case you don’t remember, Grace shot to fame last year with her and rapper G-Eazy’s hit cover of ‘You Don’t Own Me’, which UK television viewers saw used to great effect in the 2015 House of Fraser Christmas advert. I still haven’t got tired of that one.

Here’s a little bonus trivia for those of you who don’t know, Grace’s surname is Sewell and she happens to be the sister of ‘Firestone‘ and ‘Taste The Feeling‘ singer Conrad Sewell.

The above full length version of this ‘Titanfall 2 Become One Launch Trailer’ was posted to the games official YouTube channel on the 24th of October, 2016 and is already proving very popular. A shorter version of the video is now also airing during TV ad breaks.

This squeal to the hit 2014 first-person shooter has a release date set for the 28th of October and will be available for the XBOX One, PC and PlayStation 4.

The full lyrics to Bang Bang (My Titan Shot Him Down) go like this: ‘From one fight on to the next. Two outlaws ride, their weapons flexed. One is quick, the other’s tall. Together they’ll kill them all. Bang bang, they shot them down. Bang bang, they hit the ground. Bang bang, they torched the rest. Bang bang, with lasers from their chest. Bang bang, their kill counts rise. Bang bang, their enemies die. Bang bang, better hit the ground. Bang bang, here’s the rocket sound. Bang bang, two legends one legacy. Bang bang, surrounded by enemies. Bang bang, go ahead and cry. Bang bang, you’re all about to die’. So romantic.

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