Time To Change Advert – ‘Be In Your Mate’s Corner’ Mental Health Campaign

Time To Change Advert – Watch the full ‘Be In Your Mate’s Corner’ campaign video, designed to increase awareness of, and change attitudes toward mental health issues. #InYourCorner

This new advertising campaign from Time to Change shows three guys walking through the streets as they make their way to their mates place of work.

There at the garage, the three men check in on how their friend’s doing and reassure him they’re there to help and support him.

Aware that men are used to stepping in when one of their mates are physically in need of help, this boxing-themed advert looks to translate that sense of camaraderie and looking out for each other. This time into also supporting friends with mental health issues.

The film features a rap music/hip hop soundtrack which appears to have been recorded especially for the campaign and is therefore not available to download as a single.

The above ‘Be In Your Mate’s Corner’ video was uploaded to the official Time to Change YouTube channel on the 22nd of February, 2017 and forms part of a wider, long term campaign.

For more information, please visit time-to-change.org.uk

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