TikTok Advert Video & Music – Mr Sandman

With user numbers for the video-sharing social network app hitting record highs during the coronavirus lockdown and restrictions, TikTok has begun airing this TV advert with the tagline ‘A Little Brighter Inside’.

Featuring a remix of a 50’s classic for its soundtrack, more details on that below, the ad stars members of the public and celebrities alike creating their own entertainment and challenges while at home during the pandemic.

Celebs who pop up in the TikTok commercial include chef Gordon Ramsay, diver Tom Daley, and music artist Tinie Tempah, with girl group Little Mix all getting dressed up at the end.

Song Title: Mr. Sandman (Trap remix).
Artist: The Chordettes.
Download The Chordettes Original From: Amazon UK.

The music playing during this new TikTok advert is a Trap remix of US singing quartet The Chordettes hit 1954 single ‘Mr. Sandman’.

The above remix video was posted to Trap Music Now’s YouTube page in early 2018 but we can’t currently find this version of the song available for download.


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