Tiffany & Co. Commercial – Moon River Remix

Tiffany & Co. Commercial Song, Spring 2018 – The luxury jewellery retailer remixes a classic in this new ‘Believe In Dreams’ advert, which stars actress and fashion model Elle Fanning.

Opening in black and white, the video shows 20-year-old Elle gazing at a necklace in a Tiffany store window, until a sparkly butterfly flies out the window, when the world is transformed into colour. In particular we see lots of a shade of turquoise known as Tiffany Blue.

From there a full-on dance routine breaks out in the street, before everything settles back down at the end.

Advert Music
Song Title: Moon River (Remix Cover).
Singer/Rapper: Elle Fanning & A$AP Ferg.
Full Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK &

The soundtrack to this 2018 Spring ‘Believe In Dreams’ campaign, which was posted to the Tiffany & Co. YouTube channel on 3 May, 2018, is a new remixed version of the song ‘Moon River’, which originally featured in the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Released for download earlier this month, this remixed cover of Moon River is sung by Elle Fanning herself and is joined on the single by New York rapper ASAP Ferg.

So I guess that now makes multi-talented Elle, who’s the younger sister of Dakota Fanning, an actress, model, dancer and singer.

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