Three – Go Roam ‘Giraffe-amingo’

Music and artists info to mobile phone network Three’s new ‘Go Roam – Giraffe-amingo’ YouTube and TV ad.

Artists/Group: Salt-n-Pepa.
Song Title: Shoop.
Download Shoop From: iTunes or Amazon.

Three have released this latest TV advert to let viewers know their network now allows customers to use their phones abroad in a total of 60 destinations, at no extra cost. The advert begins with a young giraffe looking nervous and unsure, representing how holiday makers often feel when using their phones abroad. His unsteadiness on his feet presumably represents another aspect of Brits activities while on holiday, this time unrelated to their mobile network. But thanks to Three allowing you to turn roaming on in so many locations, you can now flaunt it like a giraffe-amingo.

The soundtrack to this commercial is a song called ‘Shoop’, which was released as a single in 1993 by the American hip hop trio Salt-n-Pepa. This 30-second ad was posted to the official Three UK YouTube channel on the 22nd of May, 2017, with more animal hybrid-themed adverts expected to follow.

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