Thomson Advert Song – That Moment When Time Stands Still

Thomson TV Ad Song 2016-2017 – Video, soundtrack and musician details for the holiday companies new ‘Moments – Discover Your Smile’ internet and TV advert.

Music Composer: Biggi Hilmars.

Possibly inspired by the recent mannequin challenge trend, Thomson’s new 2017 ad campaign shows a young girl walking through a beachfront holiday resort inhabited by people in a state of suspended animation.

After making her way past the many frozen holiday makers, the girl meets up with her father at the pool and the we hear the voice-over say “That moment when time stands still and you wish you never had to grow up”.

The advert was filmed at the Thomson Platinum Aquila Rithymna Beach Resort on the Greek island of Crete and stars young actress Violet Hill.

Providing the ads soundtrack is the Icelandic artist Biggi Hilmars, with a brand new song created especially for this commercial. As is often the case with bespoke TV ad compositions, this piece of music is currently unavailable for download.

This 60-second version of the latest ‘Discover Your Smile’ ad, which can be viewed in up to 4K UHD resolution, was posted to the Thomson YouTube channel on the 16th of December, 2016 and should be airing on TV well into 2017.

If you’d like to discover more about how this advert was made, you can watch this special behind the scenes video:

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