The Syndicate Theme Tune – 2021 BBC Series

What’s the theme music to the new 2021 series of The Syndicate on BBC One?

For those of you who’ve just watched, or are watching, episode 1 of Series 4 of The Syndicate on BBC1 and are wondering what the music playing during the open credits was, here’s your answer:

The Syndicate theme tune for 2021 is a cover of the song ‘The Gambler’ that’s been recorded by Bradford musician David Nowakowski, featuring Rising Fever.

The Syndicate Season 4 Trailer

This 2021 The Syndicate theme tune, The Gambler, was written by the American singer-songwriter Don Schlitz and has been recorded by a number of artists. But by far the most famous version was released back in 1978 by Country music legend Kenny Rogers who used the song as the title track of his sixth studio album.

Episode 1 of 6 of The Syndicate premiered Tuesday the 30th of March 2021 on BBC One, with catch-up now available on BBC iPlayer.

Featuring a definite gambling theme, the storyline of this new series is set in the two contracting locations of Yorkshire and Monaco when a group of young dog kennel employees are initially told by sneaky shopkeeper Frank Stevenson, played by actor Neil Morrisey, that they’ve won £500 on the lottery, only to later realise their ticket was really worth £27 million. From there the hunt begins in Monte Carlo to track down Frank and their money.

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