Tesco Mobile Clubcard Advert Music – Only You

There’s something of a romantic feel to this new ‘Find the one you’ll truly love’ TV advert video for Tesco Mobile, which tells us how Tesco Clubcard users can now get double value on their Partner vouchers when putting them towards mobile phone credit on their network.

Song Title: Only You (And You Alone).
Artist: The Platters.
Download From: Amazon UK.

Opening with the lyrics “Only you, can make this world seem right. Only you, can make the darkness bright”, this latest Clubcard Tesco Mobile advert music was recorded in 1955 by US soul and R&B vocal group, The Platters. The ad songs full title is ‘Only You (And You Alone)’ and it’s been covered by such artists as Roy Orbison and Ringo Starr.

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