Tesco Mobile – That’s The Telephone

What’s the name of the song playing in the new Tesco Mobile TV ad and who sings it?

Tesco Moile’s latest TV ad features the relatively little-known, but suitably titled music track ‘Bless The Telephone’. Featuring the lyrics “That’s the telephone”, the song was recorded by the British musician, singer-songwriter and poet Labi Siffre, and can also be found on the artist’s 1971 album ‘The Singer & The Song’.

Song: Bless The Telephone.
Artist: Labi Siffre.
Download or stream from: iTunes, Apple Music or Amazon.

Siffre is probably best known for his inspirational 1987 single ‘(Something Inside) So Strong’, which he wrote and recorded after watching a documentary on Apartheid in South Africa. The track went on to reach number four on the UK chart.

The ‘Little things make a big difference’ advert video was uploaded to Tesco Mobile’s YouTube channel on 30 April, 2018. The commercial states that “Your phone is more than just a phone, it’s kind of your life.” and finishes with the supermarket’s long-running slogan ‘Every Little Helps’.

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