Tesco – Fresh Berries Food Love Stories

Tesco Advert – Video, music and artist details to the latest Tesco Food Love Stories TV ad, which this time focuses on fresh hand-picked berries.

Narrated by what sounds like South Shields comedian Sarah Millican, this latest addition to Tesco’s collection of food love stories gives us an M&S-style close-up look at the supermarkets, strawberries, blackcurrants, blueberries and more. As tasty as all these berries look, they quickly become even more tempting once they’re covered in cream.

Tesco Advert Music
Song Title: True.
Band: Spandau Ballet.
Download From: Amazon & iTunes.

The music that kicks in as the cream is poured is the 1983 song ‘True’ by new romantic group Spandau Ballet, a track which has previously featured in adverts for such things as McDonald’s Egg McMuffin’s and Virgin Trains.

This ‘Fresh Berries Hand-Picked for Ripeness’ ad video was posted to the Tesco YouTube channel on 6 June, 2018.

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