Tesco Food Love Stories Advert – BBQ Marinades – Music by Samm Henshaw

Tesco brings us another new Food Love Story in this latest 2020 advert, which this time showcases Mike’s ‘Mother of All’ Marinades.

Although Mike loves his own BBQ marinade, the problem is nobody else shares his tastes.

So to please the whole family Mike makes the switch to Tesco’s new Fire Pit range, which the supermarket chain claims to offer “all the flavour with none of the stress”.

Song Title: Broke.
Artist: Samm Henshaw.
Download From: Amazon UK.

The music playing in the background of this current Tesco Food Love Stories advert is a song called ‘Broke’ that was released for download in 2018 by the London-based R&B singer-songwriter and record producer Samm Henshaw.

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