Tesco Clubcard Advert – The Power to Lower Prices – Music by Snap!

This 2020 to 2021 TV ad for Tesco’s Clubcard shows a woman using its ‘Power to Lower Prices’, becoming a price-reducing ‘wizard’ while making her way down the supermarket aisles.

As we watch the lady using her card as a magic wand to bring down prices around the store, the ad voice-over encourages us to “Get exclusive deals at Tesco with your Clubcard or app”.

Song Title: The Power.
Artist: Snap!.
Album: World Power.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

Given this Tesco Clubcard advert’s title and theme, there really was only one song they could’ve chosen for the soundtrack.

Featuring the lyrics “I’ve got the power”, that piece of music is simply titled ‘The Power’ and was released back in 1990 by the German Eurodance group, Snap!

5 September, 2020

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