Tesco Christmas Advert – No Naughty List – Music by Britney Spears

This funny new Tesco Christmas advert tells viewers to “Relax” regardless of what little mistakes they may have made this year, reassuring us that “After this year, Tesco says there is no naughty list”.

The ad sees people confess to having bought too many toilet rolls, giving their sister a bad haircut, and once not singing Happy Birthday while washing their hands, let alone singing it twice!

Luckily for these people, Tesco is in a forgiving mood and urge everyone to treat themselves over this festive season.

Song Title: Oops!… I Did It Again.
Singer: Britney Spears.
Album: Oops!… I Did It Again.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

For the soundtrack to this Christmas advert, Tesco has chosen that festive classic ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’, which was released in March 2000 by American pop singer and actress Britney Spears.


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