Temptations Cat Treats Commercial Song – Don’t You Forget About Me

Temptations Commercial Song 2016 – Music, video and lyrics details for the full length version of Temptations Cat Treats new ‘Treat Them Too’ advert.

Song Title: Don’t You (Forget About Me).

Original Singers/Band: Simple Minds.

Available For Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK and Amazon.com.

Temptations latest ad campaign consists of an eighties-style music video for feline band The Electric Furs, performing their unique version of the song ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’.

Originally a hit in 1985 for the Scottish group Simple Minds, this rerecording asks cat owners not to forget their four-legged friends while out treating themselves.

The Electric Furs cover features the new lyrics ‘Won’t you think about me. Next time you’re out treating yourself baby? You buy yourself loads of things. Yeah you buy everything, but nothing for me. . . I’m here waiting in the dark. Don’t let those high heels tear us apart, baby.’

Despite the fact that about half the internet is now made up of videos of felines playing musical instruments, the sight of a cats paw sliding along a guitar fretboard never seems to lose its magic for me.

Whether you love or hate this commercial, you have to admit it’s far better than Temptations/Dreamies awful previous ad, which showed a guy making his cat jump through drywall.

The above ‘Treat Them Too’ video was uploaded to the Temptations Brand YouTube channel on the 8th of August, 2016. In addition to the full length 2:43 video above, there’s also a shorter 30-second version available. Presumably this edit will be used as the regular TV advert:

Simple Minds original version of Don’t You (Forget About Me) reached number 7 in the UK singles chart and managed to top the US Billboard Hot 100.

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