Tel Aviv – Jerusalem Advert with Sian Welby

What’s the song playing in the background of the Tel Aviv – Jerusalem tourism advert that stars Sian Welby?

Launched at the beginning of 2018, this latest commercial from Visit Israel features a cover of the track ‘Sunny’ which, after originally being written and recorded in 1966 by Bobby Hebb, ten years later gave disco group Boney M a number 3 hit on the UK singles chart.

Download the Boney M. version of Sunny from: iTunes & Amazon.

The version played in this Tel Aviv – Jerusalem ‘Two sunny cities. One break’ TV ad was recorded for the campaign and isn’t available for download.

This advert stars Channel 5 weather forecaster, TV host and radio DJ Sian Welby, who’s seen enjoying her holiday as she takes in the contemporary and cultural sites Israel has to offer.

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