Tassimo TV Advert – Press Play ‘Gonna Have A Good Time’

Tassimo TV Ad 2017 – Watch the new ‘Press Play – Gonna Have A Good Time’ advert for Tassimo coffee machines and T Discs.

This new TV advert for Tassimo shows a woman expanding and transforming her home to accommodate visiting friends and family, so they can all enjoy a drink of coffee or hot chocolate in comfort.

The song used in this video features the lyrics ‘Everybody, everybody. Gonna have a good time, gonna have a good time. Everybody say hey, hey, hey, hey hey’.

It currently looks likely this piece of music was recorded especially for the commercial and therefore hasn’t been released for download as a full length single.

The 30-second ‘Press Play’ video was posted to the official Tassimo UK & Ireland YouTube page on the 5th of October, 2017.

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