Swarovski Advert – Symbolic and Remix Collection

Swarovski’s new Winter TV advert showcases some of the companies new Symbolic and Remix collection crystal pieces.

The commercial sees models sneaking into an observatory to view the stars and moon in the night sky, only to discover the power of Swarovski crystals eclipsing the stars and stealing the show. Also featured in the ad is the Octea Lux Moonphase watch and the Moonsun range that’s been inspired by the magic of the night sky.

We’re still trying to identify this latest Winter ‘Spark Delight’ Swarovski advert music and find out who the singer is. We’ll add the details to this page as soon as we find them and if the song is available as a full single. There’s a good chance however that is tune was recorded just for the commercial a won’t be released for download.


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