Swarovski Advert – Pharrell Williams and Model Miranda Kerr Commercial

Swarovski Advert Music – September, 2015: Model, song and singer details for the new watch and jewellery collection advert, starring Miranda Kerr.

Song Title: My Mind.

Artist/Singer: Pharrell Williams.

As has been the case in some earlier Swarovski jewellery watch ads, the song featured in this new 2015 TV commercial is called ‘My Mind’ and it’s performed by the American rapper/singer-songwriter, Pharrell Williams.

Not to be confused with the musicians 2006 album ‘In My Mind’, this track was recorded by Pharrell especially for Swarovski and has not been released for download as an official full length single.

As will have not gone unnoticed by many male viewers, the advert stars an attractive female model to help show off the collection. The model in question is Australia’s Miranda Kerr.

The 32-year-old rose to fame in the modelling industry back in 2007 after becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel. But for those of you clued up on your celebrity news and gossip, Kerr may be better known to you as the ex-wife of Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom.

This latest commercial gives us a close-up look at a sparkling crystallized Swarovski, as well as a smiling Miranda Kerr, holding on tightly to her new watch case.

If you haven’t heard of the brand before, Swarovski are an Austrian company whose products are available to buy in the UK both online and in their own specialist stores.

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