Sudocrem Advert Song – ‘Jump’ Give It All You’ve Got

Sudocrem Advert Music – Singer and song details for Sudocrem’s new ‘Give It All You’ve Got’ TV ad campaign.

Song Title: Jump (For My Love).

Group/Singers: The Pointer Sisters.

Available For Download Via: Amazon and iTunes.

How do you make an antiseptic healing cream look and sound exciting?

Well in an attempt to do just that, Sudocrem have filled a square with what looks like a hundred beds, then invite members of the public to jump all over them.

Given the ads theme, the soundtrack for this one pretty much chooses itself. The song is ‘Jump (for My Love)’, a track released back in 1983 by the all-female American pop group The Pointer Sisters.

The song had originally been given the simpler title of ‘Jump’, before later being expanded to ‘Jump (For My Love)’. The reason for this edit was to prevent confusion with Van Halen’s ‘Jump’ single, which had been released earlier that year.

The above full length 40-second version of this ‘Give It All You’ve Got’ commercial was posted to the official sudocrem YouTube channel on the 7th of November, 2016 and is currently being broadcast during TV ad breaks.

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