Studio Advert – We Do Wow – Song by Kylie Minogue

Fashion, home and garden online retailer say “We Do Wow” in this new Studio TV ad campaign, where the video’s voiceover tells us “This summer, you style the home, we do the wow.

You do the weekend, we do the wow. You do fun in the sun, we do the wow. Whatever you do this summer, do it in style with Studio”.

Song Title: Wow.
Singer: Kylie Minogue.
Download From: Amazon UK & iTunes.

Given the campaign’s tagline, this Studio advert song could only really be the tune ‘Wow’ by popstar Kylie Minogue. The Australian actress and singer released this track as part of her 2007 tenth studio album ‘X’, with the single coming out the following year and reaching number 5 on the UK charts.

8 April 2019

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