Strongbow Advert – Singers Rob & Chris cover ‘Electric Dreams’ at The Schooner pub

Filmed during a live music night on location at The Schooner pub in Gateshead in North East England, this latest Strongbow advert points out that the cider company has been “Refreshing People Since 1960”.

The ad campaign sets out to shun television celebrities and instead celebrate real-life local legends, like pub musicians and singers Rob & Chris.

Song Title: Together In Electric Dreams (cover).
Singers: Rob Waters & Chris Kinley.
Download The Original Version From: iTunesAmazon UK.

Featuring the lyrics “We’ll always be together”, the Strongbow advert music being performed live by Rob Waters & Chris Kinley is ‘Together In Electric Dreams’, with Chris playing guitar, Rob playing piano, and both guys singing the song as a powerful and passionate duet. Unfortunately, this cover doesn’t appear to have been released for download as a full-length single, but we have to believe there’ll be demand for that if this ad begins airing regularly on TV.

The original version of Together In Electric Dreams was released in 1984 and formed part of the soundtrack to the science fiction romantic comedy film Electric Dreams. The song was recorded by British singer-songwriter and composer Philip Oakey and Italian singer-songwriter, composer, and record producer Giorgio Moroder. If the name Philip Oakey sounds familiar to you, that’s probably because he’s the lead singer of the English synthpop band The Human League.

The above 60-second ‘Refreshing People Since 1960’ advert video was posted to the official Strongbow UK YouTube channel on 28 March 2019.

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