Strongbow – Team GB

Soundtrack and singer details for Strongbow’s ‘Let’s Own It’ Team GB Official Supporter commercial.

Song Title: Stripper.
Singers/Band: Sohodolls.
Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

If you’ve been wondering during the build-up to this summers Olympics what the official cider will be of Team GB, this advert should finally answer your question. Joining such names as Kellogg’s, DFS, BP, Adidas, Aldi and Muller, this ad reveals that Strongbow is now also an official partner of Team GB. I’d always wondered exactly what’s in those athletes drinks bottles.

Providing the soundtrack to the cider brands ‘Let’s Own It’ commercial are the London-based electronic music group Sohodolls, with their 2005 single ‘Stripper’.

The above 30-second advert shows lots of British fans watching the Rio Olympic Games before enjoying a pint or two of Strongbow, which is now available in original, dark fruit and cloudy apple varieties.

This video was uploaded to the official Strongbow UK YouTube channel on the 18th of July, 2016 and should continue to air regularly on TV over the next few weeks.

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