Stella Artois Advert – ‘Be Legacy’ Sebastian’s Story

Stella Artois Advert Music 2016 – Song and artist information for ‘The History of Sebastian Artois – Be Legacy’ TV commercial. #BeLegacy

Song Title: Do It Till We Get It Right.

Artist/Singer: Jamie N Commons.

Currently Unavailable For Download.

According to Stella Artois’ 30-second video description, the song used on this latest ad is performed by the British singer-songwriter Jamie N Commons.

As you may have guessed from the tracks repeating lyrics, this brand-new song is called ‘Do It Till We Get It Right’.

With this tune currently not available to download, and with no news of that changing for now, it may be this song was recorded especially for the commercial.

Inspired by a true story, this ‘Be Legacy’ advert tells us how Sebastian Artois sold everything he had, in order to buy a Belgium brewery. Although this film is mostly based on fact, hopefully he didn’t really go as far as selling his dog.

By purchasing the brewery at auction and believing in its beer, Sebastian helped to ensure its now 600-year legacy would live on.

The above 60-second version of the ad was posted to the Stella Artois UK YouTube channel on the 14th of March, 2016.

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