Starling Bank Advert – Flying Shed – Music by Michael Kamen

In this new 2020 TV advert, Starling Bank are ‘Helping Business Fly’ and, in particular, a woman in her very modified flying shed.

The lady, who appears to be running her own business from her garden shed, gets things off the ground literally as the hut transforms into a half home office, half helicopter, and takes to the skies.

The commercial is titled ‘Off the Ground’ and promotes Starling Bank’s business services, which feature no monthly fees, flexible overdrafts of up to £150,000, and 24/7 in-app support.

Song Title: Overture (from Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves).
Artist: Michael Kamen.
Download In Full From: Amazon UK.

This 2020 Starling Bank advert song is a piece of music by the American movie score composer Michael Kamen that’s titled ‘Overture’. This track is taken from the soundtrack to the 1994 film ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’, which starred Kevin Costner.

2 March 2020

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