Square Advert – Fair Card Payments – Song by Singer Gracie Fields

Square.com TV Advert Music – Find out the song, singer and lyrics details to the new ‘Take Card Payments – Square and Fair’ YouTube and television commercial.

This ad for Square.com shows lots of small business owners and employees going about their work, before taking debit and credit card payments using Square’s convenient hardware and software services.

Song: The Thing-Ummy-Bob.
Singer: Gracie Fields.
Download From: iTunes & Amazon.

Featuring the lyrics “I can’t pretend to be, a great celebrity, but still I’m quite important in me way. I’m the girl that makes the thing, that drills the hole, that holds the ring, that drives the rod, that turns the knob, that works the thing-ummy-bob”, this 2018 to 2019 Square advert song is titled ‘The Thing-Ummy Bob’ and is sung by English actress, comedian and singer Gracie Fields.

The song was written back in 1942 about the vital efforts of production line workers, who were creating components to be used in British weapons during The Second World War. The Thing-Ummy Bob was also recorded by fellow English actor and comedian Arthur Askey.

The ‘Take card payments – Square and fair’ ad video was uploaded to the Square UK YouTube channel on 8 May, 2018 and is now also being broadcast again during TV ad breaks in 2019.

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