SPAR Advert Music – ‘If You Want the Love of a Man’

SPAR Advert Music 2015 – Singer and song details for the brand new ‘If you want the love of a man, come and get it’ TV commercial.

Song Title: Come and Get It.

Artist/Singer: Eli “Paperboy” Reed.

Available To Download Now From: Amazon and iTunes.

This new September, 2015 TV ad from the Spar features a great upbeat, but surprisingly little known song, from a relatively little known artist. Watch the full length official music video right here:

Performed by American singer-songwriter Eli “Paperboy” Reed, the track ‘Come and Get It’ was released for download in May of 2010 and comes from an album of the same name.

With a little help from this fresh TV exposure, maybe the catchy tune can become the big UK chart hit it deserves to be.

Reed was nominated in 2009 for the MOJO Awards Breakthrough Artist of the Year and specialises in the musical genres of R&B and soul, with a hint of rock n’ roll.

The Spar commercial shows a rather energetic man demonstrating some of his moves, before dancing with his lady. To help recover from all this gyrating, our man’s prepared a meal for two of pulled pork, with assorted mini ice creams for dessert and to wash it all down, some premium reserve cider – though I suspect he’d already downed a glass or two of that prior to her arrival.

All these products are of course available to purchase from your local Spar convenience store for the stated prices.

The above Effortlessly Gorgeous ‘There For You’ video was uploaded to SPAR UK’s YouTube page on the 11th of September, 2015. Thanks to its well chosen soundtrack, I think this could prove to be quite a popular ad over the coming weeks.

Lyrics from Come and Get It featured in the commercial include: ‘If you want the love of a man, come and get it. If you want the love, of a real good man. Come on and try me, I’ll make you understand. Don’t just look, come on and take it. Cause what I’ve got, you know that you can’t fake it.’

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