SONY BRAVIA TV Advert – Truly Immerse Yourself – Music by Donata

Sony promotes its new range of BRAVIA TV’s in this new commercial which invites viewers to “Truly Immerse Yourself”.

The ad tells us that these latest Sony Bravia televisions boast “Stunning color, clarity and contrast and a screen that is also a speaker”, allowing you to “Immerse yourself with minimal design and smart voice control”.

According to the YouTube video’s description, the TV’s smart features allow users to access content with ease, while the sophisticated minimal design allows you to focus on what you’re watching, not the tv itself.

Commercial Song Title: You Are Invincible (Piano Version).
Artist: Donata & Silvinho Erne.

This 2020 SONY BRAVIA TV advert music is the piano version of a song called ‘You Are Invincible’ that was recorded by Silvinho Erne and the singer Donata.

At the time of writing this, we are unable to find the tune available for download, but we’ll update this page if and when we learn of its release.

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