Sony Bravia TV – Leave A Light On

What’s the name of the song playing in the latest advert for Sony Bravia OLED televisions and who’s the singer?

Sony have recently launched this new ad campaign for their range of BRAVIA OLED TV’s, another commercial from the Japanese electronics brand to feature a very distinctive and attention-grabbing soundtrack.

Song: Leave a Light On.
Artist: Tom Walker.
Download From: iTunes & Amazon.

Released for download in October, 2017, the music used here is called ‘Leave a Light On’ and is performed by the English singer-songwriter Tom Walker. Although the single has so far only reached as high as 41 here on the UK charts, the track has become a big hit in many other European countries, including a number 1 in France. But given the exposure the song will receive from featuring in this Sony commercial, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the song re-enter the British charts at a much higher position.

To date, Leave a Light On is Tom’s most successful track, with the 26-year-old Glasgow-born musician having only released his debut single ‘Sun Goes Down’ in early 2016.

The 60-second ‘Window Into Daytime – A New TV Experience Awakens’ advert video was posted to the official Sony YouTube channel in March, 2018 and is now being broadcast regularly on British TV. The ad on YouTube is also available to view in 4K picture resolution. According to Sony, their new BRAVIA OLED televisions pair life-like colour, deep blacks and extraordinary contrast with their cutting-edge Acoustic Surface sound technology.

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