Sony – 4K TV Ultra HD Fireworks ‘Celebrate Every Detail’

Singer and song details for the new Ultra HD ‘Celebrate Every Detail’ Fireworks commercial.

Song Title: Firestone (Fireworks Version).
Artist/Singer: Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell.
Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

The ad for Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TV uses a track called ‘Firestone’ by the Norwegian DJ, Kygo. The song features impressive vocals from Australian singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell. Firestone was released in December of 2014 and reached number 8 in the UK singles charts. The Fireworks Version was then later released for individual download on the 28th of August, 2015.

The songs lyrics you hear sung in the advert are: ‘I’m a flame, you’re a fire, I’m the dark in need of light. When we touch, you inspire, feel the change in me tonight. So take me up, take me higher, there’s a world not far from here. We can dance in desire, or we can burn in love tonight. . . So we light up the world. Oh whoa oh. The world. Oh oh oh. Firestone.’

The video above shows the extended version of Sony’s ‘Celebrate Every Detail’ 4K advert, which was added to the companies Europe YouTube page on the 2nd of September, 2015.

Much like commercials in recent years for 3D televisions, this ad attempts to visualize the strengths of newer TV technology, while still broadcasting in either 1080p or standard definition. Critics may say, the better this video looks in normal HD, the more it shows 4K isn’t really needed.

Anyway, while TV manufactures hold back or keep prices up on OLED, 8K and Super Hi-Vision tech, it looks like 4K will continue to get the big push. All this, despite the fact many UK channels are still only viewable in SD. However, if you’re a big home movie viewer or fancy subscribing to BT Sports new Ultra HD service, a nice big-screen Sony 4K could be just what your looking for.

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