Sonos Advert – Song by Solange Knowles

Wireless speaker brand Sonos offers viewers ‘Brilliant sound your way’ in this TV advert, which features a chilled out piece of music and images of such artists as OutKast, David Bowie, and Aretha Franklin.

The video shows how the Sonos home sound system allows users to listen to their songs, movies and tv series, anywhere they like.

Song Title: Binz.
Singer: Solange.
Download From: Amazon UK.

The Sonos advert song playing in this 30-second video is a tune called ‘Binz’ that was recorded by the American singer-songwriter and record producer Solange Knowles. The now 33-year-old artist released this track earlier this year, taken from her fourth studio album ‘When I Get Home’.

If Solange’s surname sounds familiar to you, that’s probably because she’s the younger sister of singer and actress Beyoncé.

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