Smart Meters – Meera’s Favourite Song

Smart Energy GB Advert – Find out what baby Meera’s favourite song is in this new TV ad for energy saving smart meters.

With Gaz & Leccy seemingly now finally under control, this latest ad from Smart Energy GB takes a look at one of the things a family can do with their saved money.

In this example we see two sleep-deprived parents play their babies favourite tune on repeat all night, in order to help them rest. Something the advert jokingly claims they could do until Meera’s 36 with the money they save each year.

Song : I Like To Move It.
Artists: Reel 2 Real.
Download FromAmazon & iTunes.

The piece of music in question, which surprisingly gets Meera off to the land of nod without fail, is the anything but relaxing track ‘I Like To Move It’.

Released as a single back in 1993, the song was recorded by US electro-reggae fusion group Reel 2 Real and features The Mad Stuntman. A reworded version of I Like To Move It also features as the soundtrack to the recent ‘Shaking Up The Washing Up’ ad for Fairy liquid. Some of you may also recognise this tune from its use in the ‘All Hail King Julien’ Madagascar series on Netflix and the movie ‘Penguins of Madagascar’.

The 20-second ‘Meera’ video was uploaded to Smart Energy GB’s YouTube channel on 8 May, 2018.

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