Smart Energy GB – Gaz & Leccy Out Of Control

Smart Energy GB – Video and song details for Gaz & Leccy’s ‘Out Of Control’ smart meter rollout ad. #GAZNLECCY

Song Title: The Ballroom Blitz.
Singers/Band: The Sweet.
Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Gaz & Leccy’s brand new ad for Smart Energy GB features the classic glam rock song ‘The Ballroom Blitz’ by English band The Sweet.

Released around Europe back in 1973, this fast-paced track provided the group with a number 2 hit on the UK singles chart and even managed to top the countdown in Germany. Despite its success, Ballroom Blitz never actually appeared on a UK Sweet album until the release of their best of/greatest hits compilations.

This new CGI animated advert from Smart Energy GB stars the two characters Gaz, who represents gas, and electricity mascot Leccy.

But in a style of ad that’s bound to get the attention of young children, it’s worrying to see the pair getting up to such dangerous antics as being jammed in a toaster, shut inside a microwave, standing on a gas hob and fighting with an electric whisk. It’s just my opinion, but these don’t seem the best activities to include in such a colourful and professional looking animated ad. Anyway, the commercial is designed to create awareness of the new smart meter rollout that’ll allow users to track their energy consumption and costs in real time.

This ‘Gaz & Leccy Out Of Control’ advert was posted to Smart Energy GB’s YouTube page on the 16th of June, 2016 and should now be airing on commercial TV.

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