Sloggi ‘Try My Bra’ – New Wow Comfort Commercial

Sloggi Bra Advert Song 2017 – Video, model/actress, soundtrack and singer details for sloggi’s new ‘Try My Bra – New Wow Comfort’ YouTube and social commercial. #trymybra

Song Title: Restless Year.

Musician/Singer: Ezra Furman.

Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Featuring the slogan ‘So Comfortable, Everyone Should Try It’, this new advert from underwear brand sloggi sees a woman determined to show off just how great her bras are.

Whether the lady is out on a bike ride, posing in a shop window, hiking in the country, or at the launderette, she insists those around her see and feel for themselves how comfortable sloggi’s bras are. Regardless of their gender.

The girl we see flaunting in this commercial is the French model and actress Jade Henot.

Meanwhile, this adverts soundtrack is provided by the American singer-songwriter Ezra Furman, with his 2015 single ‘Restless Year’.

The above extended Director’s Cut version of this ‘Try My Bra’ advert for their Wow Comfort bra with FlexiMesh Technology was posted to the official sloggi YouTube channel on the 16th of March, 2017.

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