Sky Sports Advert Music – Coming in March 2021

Assuming I didn’t imagine this and you’ve seen it too, there’s currently an advert airing on TV to promote all the action coming to Sky Sports in March 2021.

So if you have just watched the ad and were wondering what the music playing in the background was, have a listen to this tune and see if it matches:

Song Title: Nobody But Me.
Artist: The Jaded Hearts Club.
Album: Nobody But Me.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

We’re not 100% certain at this moment, but we believe the March 2021 Sky Sports advert music is a song called ‘Nobody But Me’ that was released for download last year by supergroup The Jaded Hearts Club, featuring the English singer and musician Miles Kane.

So did I really see this advert while watching TV late at night, or was it all just a dream?


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