Sky Fibre, X-MEN Apocalypse – Quicksilver Ad

Sky Advert Music 2016 – Band and song details for the new Sky Fibre/X-MEN Apocalypse TV ad, starring Quicksilver.

Song Title: Come and Get Your Love.

Singers/Band: Redbone.

Available To Download From: iTunes and Amazon.

Watch the adverts full 90-second extended cut:

The song you hear playing during this X-MEN-themed ad for Sky Fibre is called ‘Come and Get Your Love’.

Released as a single in 1974, the track is performed by the Native American rock band Redbone.

If the songs tune, melody, and even some of its lyrics sound familiar to you, that may be because they were sampled by Cyndi Lauper on her 1994 single ‘Hey Now (Girls Just Want to Have Fun)’ – A reworking of the US singers massive 1983 hit ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’.

The above ad promotes both Sky’s Fibre Broadband service and the upcoming superhero movie X-MEN Apocalypse. We see the character Quicksilver (played by actor Evan Peters) using his quickness to try and fix a girls slow broadband connection.

After speeding around the room to turn off everyone else’s devices, Quicksilver finally gets the lady what she really wanted – Sky Fibre.

The full length version of the commercial was posted to Sky’s YouTube channel on the 20th of April, 2016. Meanwhile, X-MEN Apocalypse is due to hit cinemas in Britain on the 18th of May.

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