Sixt Advert – Dancing Horse – Drive Smug

Car hire company Sixt continue their ‘Drive Smug’ campaign with this new ‘Does It Do This? – Dancing Horse’ TV advert. The video shows a couple pull over at the roadside, where they’re engaged in conversation by a man keen to show that his horse is better than their Jaguar rental car because his equine form of transport can dance.

But after the couple points out they rented their SUV from Sixt for only £49, the guy not only accepts defeat, but also the blame for that defeat.

If the woman in the car looks familiar to you, that may be because she’s also currently appearing alongside an Aussie CGI chameleon in an advert for weflip. Her name is Naomi Sheldon.

Although the song the horse is dancing to in this Sixt advert sounds like a proper piece of chart music, we so far haven’t been able to identify it as a single commercially available for download.

I think it’s safe to say Sixt are taking a rather different approach to their TV ad campaign to rival rent a car brand Enterprise, who’re currently airing some all-action ads starring actor Gerard Butler.

24 March 2019

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