Simplyhealth Advert Music – All Together Healthier, Lean On Me

This is the new 2020 TV advert for Simplyhealth, who offer health and dental plans for individuals, families, and companies.

Titled ‘All Together Healthier’, this commercial’s voice-over says “Let’s come together to help improve health for all. You, your family, and your community. Simply health, all together healthier”.

Song Title: Lean on Me (cover).
Original Artist: Bill Withers.
Album: Still Bill.
Download or Preview at: Amazon UK.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently know any more about this Simplyhealth advert song than you probably already know yourself, as we haven’t yet managed to identify the female singer. We’ll update this page if and when we discover whose version this is.

The song was originally written and recorded in 1972 by the legendary American singer-songwriter and musician Bill Withers and has since been covered by many different artists.


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