Silence The Critics IKEA Advert – Music by Rapper D Double E

Grime music MC and rapper D Double E provides the soundtrack to this new 2019 to 2020 ‘Silence The Critics’ IKEA advert, which sees a family confronted with some home truths.

In what may be unofficially classed as the furniture retailers Christmas advert, a family are bombarded by harsh, but apparently accurate comments about the state of their home. Performed in the commercial video by such characters as kids toys, household ornaments, and a feline teapot, here are the lyrics to this IKEA adverts soundtrack:

“I must confess, this place ain’t blessed
This place is a mess (disgusting)
Nah, you don’t deserve no guests (nah) in here, in here
I don’t wanna lay down or rest (are you crazy?)
That crack in the wall needs addressing
The state of the floor, it’s just depressing
This table’s older than the pyramids (it’s older?)
At least it’s younger than the mirror is
This place is small and it’s barely a house
Never mind a cat, you couldn’t even swing a mouse (It’s so small)
Those curtains are looking tired, decorations are tired
Look, your style is fired (fired)
It’s like somebody hit it with a bulldozer (bang)
If your house was a car, it would get pulled over (excuse me please)
This is very, very. Very, very
Very, very, very unacceptable
Oh my word
Fresh and clean”.

Song Title: Silence The Critics.
Rapper: D Double E.

These 2019 IKEA advert music lyrics were written and performed for the TV and YouTube ad campaign by English grime rapper and MC, Darren Dixon, who’s better known by his stage name D Double E. As this is a new song that’s been recorded for the commercial, we don’t expect it to be released for download as a full single.

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