Sheba Advert Song – ‘Hungry Eyes’ Karaoke Cat

Sheba Advert Music 2017 – 2018: Watch the full-length YouTube video, plus get the song lyrics and original singer details to this funny new commercial for Sheba cat food.

Song Title: Hungry Eyes.
Original Singer: Eric Carmen.
Re-Recorded By: James Radford (Radford Music).
Download the original Eric Carmen version from: iTunes and Amazon.

This great new TV ad for Sheba shows a cat casually pointing out song lyrics with its paw to a reworded cover version of the 80’s pop-rock classic ‘Hungry Eyes’.

Featuring in the romantic drama film Dirty Dancing, Hungry Eyes was originally recorded by the American singer-songwriter Eric Carmen and released as a single in 1987.

Sounding very similar to the original vocals, the new re-recorded version used in this Sheba cat food advert was recorded by production company Radford Music.

The new Karaoke Cat lyrics are:

I want to eat it so hear me out.
I want to taste what Sheba’s all about.
Now and tonight.
Now I’ve got food in my sights.
With these hungry eyes.
One look at it and I can’t disguise.
I’ve got hungry eyes.
I feel the magic between tuna and I.
Hungry eyes. Now I’ve got you in my sights with your hungry eyes.

With a cat, great humour and great music, this ‘Resistance is Futile’ karaoke commercial for Sheba cat food is definitely one of our favourite TV adverts of the year.

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