ScS Sofas Advert – Believe

If feels like almost every month recently that ScS Sofas are bringing out a new TV advert, with a new song to go with it. Not that we’re complaining.

This latest ad, which began airing during October, asks viewers to “Believe in Big Brands and Christmas Delivery” and offers us reduced prices on the Endurance Titan and Lazboy Pittsburgh sofas, with free fitting on carpets.

Song Title: Believe.
Original Singer: Cher.
Download the original from Amazon UK.

Featuring the lyrics “Do you believe in life after love?”, this Autumn 2019 ScS advert music initially sounds like the original version of ‘Believe’ that was a big hit single in the late 1990’s for American singer and actress Cher. But if you listen closely, it actually appears to be a cover version that doesn’t include those auto-tune vocal effects.

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