Schweppes – What Do You Expect?

A bottle of Indian tonic water being slid along a bar leads to an impromptu late night adventure in this new ‘What Do You Expect?’ advert from Schweppes.

A glamorously dressed woman chasses the bottle down a seemingly never-ending bar, leading to the blonde-haired actress dancing inside a washing machine, kissing statues in a park and appearing to win an award for singing.

Schweppes Advert Music
Song: Hey Boy Hey Girl.
Artists/Producers: The Chemical Brothers.
Download From: iTunes & Amazon.

The fast-paced soundtrack to this commercial is ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ by British electronic music duo The Chemical Brothers.

Taken from the artists third studio album ‘Surrender’, this track was released in 1999 and reached number 3 on the official UK charts.

The above 45-second version of this ‘What Do You Expect?’ ad was posted to the Villa Schweppes YouTube channel on 12 April, 2018 and was directed by Michael Gracey, who also directed musical drama film The Greatest Showman.

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