Samsung Smart Switch Commercial – Ode

Samsung Commercial Music 2017 – Video, song and lyrics details to the Samsung Smart Switch ‘Ode’ advert.

Samsung have just released this new ad to promote their Smart Switch technology, which allows users to conveniently transfer photos, contacts, songs, videos and much more from their old phone to the new Samsung Galaxy, allowing them to easily keep their memories.

As is often the case with Samsung YouTube and TV commercials, this video features an original piece of music which doesn’t appear to be available for download.

This time the soundtrack is being performed by a female singer with these very appropriate bespoke lyrics:

“For you I nearly died, for you I ate it fried.

It took half my data to reach you, and I spilt half my drink to meet you.

For you, I actually planned ahead and you’re the reason I get out of bed.

I got up at 3am and thought of you. I pretend I don’t listen to you.

Because of you I’m banned from zoos. You’re something I’d never want to lose.

So even though my phone will be new, you’ll all be there too.”

This ‘Smart Switch: Ode’ video was posted to the Samsung Mobile YouTube channel on the 16th of June, 2017.

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