Samsung Galaxy S10 Advert – Wireless PowerShare – How Ya Like That – Song by Olly Anna

Here’s a look at the second official TV advert for the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+, with this new commercial focusing on the phones Wireless PowerShare functionality.

The ad shows S10 owners placing their smartphones against each other to share power with friends and strangers alike whose batteries are running low. It appears this ad is set in a fictional world where people have the willpower to stop using their phones for more than a few seconds at a time while out and about.

Song Title: How Ya Like That.
Singer: Olly Anna.
Download From: iTunes or Amazon UK.

This 2019 Wireless PowerShare Samsung S10 advert music is a brand-new song called ‘How Ya Like That’ and was released for download on the same day as the commercial premiered. Featuring the lyrics “How do ya like that? What you think of me now?”, this track was recorded by the Nashville-based producer, rapper and singer Olly Anna. This American artist has previously had her single ‘Level Up’ feature in this Very advert and the song ‘Write My Story’ used in this Special K ad campaign.

The above 30-second ‘Galaxy S10 Official TVC’ video was posted to the Samsung YouTube channel on the 5th of April 2019 and we expect this to begin airing during television ad breaks any day now.

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