Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G Advert Music – Alpaca Hairstyles

This very creative new TV advert for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 shows a woman buying some Alpacas to use as models for her companies new line of hair products, which includes Alpacado Shampoo.

The actress uses her Note10 smartphone to translate from the Alpaca sellers language of Spanish, into English, then film the animals with their funky new hairstyles. From there this new hairstyle and colouring trend takes over the world, even making its way back to the Alpaca sellers own television screen.

Song Title: Apache.
Artist: Incredible Bongo Band.
Download From: Amazon UK.

Now airing during TV ad breaks in October, this latest 2019 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 advert music is a song called ‘Apache’ that was released in 1973 by American music project the Incredible Bongo Band.

A number of different versions of this tune have been recorded over the years, including a hip-hop cover by rap group The Sugarhill Gang that once featured in an advert for the comparison website, back in the good old days when they starred BRIAN The Robot.


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